The birth of a child can bring happiness and ultimate joy in the family. Especially the parents can feel the moments and enjoy them with their child. It is tough to handle the babies from the time of their birth to a certain age. Parents have to take care of their health, have to understand their feelings and have to respond them. It is not only the mother’s job to do all these things. Both the mother and father are responsible for taking care of their children.

Even after taking good care, sometimes children can get affected with various types of common health issues like:

  • Cold and cough
  • Fever
  • Mental unrest
  • Indigestion
  • Skin allergies
  • And Psychological disorders etc.

Parents have to observe the habits and the behavioural changes in the children. If they find any abnormalities, they should consult the children psychiatrists and have to follow the treatment. Some kids suffer from memory loss problem as they cannot be able to remember anything for a long time. Within a short span, they forget everything and behave as if nothing has happened.In that situation, the psychiatrists have to analyze the child and have to assess them using various tests. It can help them to have a conclusion about their behaviours and then they can be able to suggest appropriate treatment. The most common issue with the children at the small age is insecurity. Due to uncertainty, they can feel depressed and their behaviour changes gradually. They cannot be able to communicate or mingle with other children. They need to have the depression counselling in the right time which can help them to come out of these worst situations. A parent should have to provide the lively atmosphere around them so that the children can grow healthy and active. They should give the balanced diet with all proteins, minerals, and vitamins which are available in milk, meat, vegetables, and eggs, etc.

By having proper food, children can get a natural immune system which can help them to fight against various diseases. Today, most of the children in the rural areas are suffering from vitamin deficiencies and diseases like tumours and cancers, etc. They need to have the proper diet to get sufficient energy and to become active. The world health organization has been releasing funds for the children who have been suffering from such diseases. For other mental disorders, they can provide the counselling sessions to the children and make them feel healthy both physically and mentally. The feeling that there is someone who can stand by them and provide moral support can make them stubborn and fight against any situations. It can make them mentally active and fit. Many psychologists have been providing their services voluntarily to those children who cannot afford the treatments for their problems.