It has been long known the healing effects of letting things off your chest. There is no use in stoically holding all in, being the stiff upper lipped strong and silent type. While it may make you seem mysterious at first, you will later be chastised down the track for being uncommunicative and lacking emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. While it’s great to have friends to unload the days angst to there are feelings of guilt associated with bogging other people down with your own problems. Opening up to a clinical psychologist Gold Coast or other such talk based therapist is statistically shown to lift your mood without the drawbacks of watching your friend constantly check their phone while sharing you innermost thoughts.

There are various types of talk-based therapies with cognitive behavioural being the most dominant, with other types of interpersonal therapies focusing on relationships and communication skills following on a smaller scale. Cognitive behavioural therapy may be the most common form of clinical psychology based treatment but it not necessarily the best. What kind of therapy an individual will respond best to depends of the individual’s needs and particular set of circumstances. For example those experiencing trauma can benefit from psychodynamic therapy with its short-term approach where the therapist goes through how an individual’s experiences form childhood up to the current moment has affected them.

It is common for a practitioner to be proficient in a range of therapies to then tailor to suit the patient’s needs. There is no one way of conducting therapy for it to achieve the aim of alleviating depression as the reasoning behind that all encompassing feeling of doom is not always a tangible set in stone event or reason. Sometimes group therapy can be more helpful where there is a support network of individuals who experienced similar trauma or mental difficulties. In such groups there is a therapist to guide the sessions which each person getting the chance to verbalise and also hear others do the same. As it is not the social norm to openly speak of negative thoughts to acquaintances it can be comforting and liberating to hear others feel the same.

In the internet age there is the question of the effectiveness of online support networks. Regular non-accredited psychologist Joes starts their own blogs with forums offering mutual support. The anonymity of the web allows people to vent their private thoughts under a fake name. This might be good as a stepping stone but eventually for healing acceptance and confrontation should happen in real life in order to have full effect. Such a case is sexual identity induced depression, with online and telephone help line assistance to guide and help when sometimes money is an issue. Therapy is commitment of time and cash and the reality is not every can afford the luxury.

Studies show that talk therapy, no matter what kind of psychotherapy is used it is almost always better than receiving none at all.